Can we eat jackfruit (kathal) and curd together?

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An exotic favourite of Indian households, jackfruits are considered meat substitute in vegetarian households. It’s a tropical fruit, also known as kathal, which is native to South India but is readily available all over the country. It is used to prepare delicious dishes and even desserts.

Curd, on the other hand, is a staple in Indian households. No day is complete without a serving of curd, and it can transform any meal from normal to absolutely mouth-watering. It is used in making various dishes and is also consumed directly. A bowl of fresh curd with sugar or black pepper can ignite a top level of satisfaction, especially after a tiring day.

Jackfruit and Curd, individually are nutrition powerhouses.

Jackfruit helps in slowing down digestion of carbs and helps control blood sugar by preventing spikes in their levels. The fibrous fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties that help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. The various beneficial properties that are packed within this delicious fruit are known to help prevent many chronic illnesses like heart diseases and diabetes.
Other than that, jackfruits also improve immunity and provides antioxidants and nutrients that improve various skin problems.
Curd, the simplest food that brings utmost pleasure, is packed with several essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. It’s quite light when compared to other dairy products, therefore, is easily digested.
Since it’s a probiotic, curd helps the digestive system by improving the gut activity and soothing inflammation. It promotes stronger immunity and prevents infections along with keeping your skin and hair radiant.

Jackfruit and curd
Jackfruit and milk are considered a harmful combination, according to Ayurveda. For centuries, the combination of jackfruit and any dairy product has been forbidden and is said to cause indigestion and skin diseases.
These claims were made in the Vedic era without much research. Since then, many studies have been conducted and the food combination of curd (yoghurt) and jackfruit has been given a clean chit.

Mixing jackfruit with curd can improve the quality of curd. A study was conducted in 2007 that used jackfruit as a source of plant proteinases (an enzyme that breaks down protein) in order to improve curd quality level and the results of this study came out good. The study aimed to establish the effect of jackfruit on the fermentation activity of curd, as well as it’s effects on the properties of the curd.

With great results, it was concluded that a balanced combination of the two can provide you with double the benefits.

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