A retrospective look at Game of Thrones wedding dresses

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Winter is here! And by winter I mean GOT last season. Game of Throne’s weddings are famous to be mostly sad and super violent (coff coff red wedding), but that can’t stop us from taking a moment to appreciate their wedding gowns. The costumes made for the show are always spot on and gorgeously made (the show has been nominated for the “Outstanding Costumes” Emmy Award on many occasions). So for the sake of all the soon to be brides fandom out there, we have put together a retrospective look of Game of Thrones wedding dresses.

If you are preparing yourself for a winter wedding, looking for medieval inspiration, want to get married in a castle or just a GOT fan, this article is perfect for you!

1. Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drog

This rustic gown in a washed lavender tone goes ad-hoc with her Dothraki outdoor wedding. Can’t forget our less sophisticated Khalessi, nowadays she wears way more elaborated coats and gowns just to ride her dragons.

2. Talisa Maugyr and Robb Stark

A less complicated style in grey tones and a satin scarf. Talisa said yes to Robb Stark in a very short marriage that will cost both of their lives 

3. Roslin Frey and Edmure Tully (The Red Wedding)

With an amazing veil, our poor little Roslin Frey got married in the most tragic wedding of the show.

4. Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister

Young Sansa Stark wearing a gorgeous headpiece and a perfectly constructed gown on her first wedding.

5. Margaery Tyrell and Joffrey Baratheon

The train of Margaery Tyrell wedding dress almost makes us forget the fact that she was getting married to one of the most hated characters ever.

6. Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon

After her first husband died, Margaery got married to young Tommen. Wearing an armour-like golden top and a gold crown with roses representative of the House Tyrell.

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