Mother of the Bride inspiration from real weddings

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Regardless of whether or not Mother’s Day is coming up, your wedding day isn’t just something that you’ve looked forward to. The chances are there’s also been much anticipation from the Mother of the Bride (or Groom!)

While you’re thinking about the perfect dress to wear, your Mum or future Mum-in-law is also likely thinking about their perfect outfit for the big day. They want to make sure they can look nice, fit in with the theme, as well as make sure they’re giving you enough space when it comes to the wedding planning. That’s a lot to think about!

To give them a hand we’ve taken some of our favourite mother of the bride looks from real weddings to inspire some gorgeous future looks.

A makeup robe

Of course, before you even start getting ready for your wedding it’s important to make sure your Mum feels included. And what better way than by getting her a robe of her own for the morning of the wedding?

This is a great way to make your Mum feel involved with the celebrations while your wedding party is getting ready, even if she’s still running around organising things for you! You can also get some robes with ‘Mother of the Bride’ or ‘Mother of the Groom’ on the back of them to give her that special little touch for your big day.

Modern ruffles

If you told me that my Mum was going to wear puffed sleeves and ruffles on my wedding day I would be horrified, but this modern design is absolutely fitting. We’re absolutely in love with this look from Natalie’s Mum on her wedding day.

From the slightly raised shoulder feature to the thick bold neckline, loose long sleeves, tie and tapered modern ruffles, everything about this design speaks elegance and occasion. Which is perfect for your Mum!

We also love that she’s paired the bold aubergine colour with some nude heels as to not take away from the dress.

Florals or patterns

A floral or other elegant pattern is a good design for Mums to choose from to try and avoid mixing in with the wedding party too much. The right sort of design on the right sort of material will make all the difference between elegant designs and something too casual here.

That said, patterns give you a lot of room to move for different wedding themes. An elegant cocktail floral design could be perfect for a formal wedding, while a floral maxi dress paired with formal shoes could be a great match for something more casual or outdoors.

We think Corrin’s Mum has hit the nail on the head with this full-length white and floral design. The orange and green tones also complement the tones of the wedding flowers perfectly.

A flower crown

It was an emotional wedding day for Jessie and her Mum, who spent her last day of out hospital before passing away at her daughter’s wedding.

Aside from having her Mum give her away, Jessie also gave her a full flower crown to wear for the big day which matched the white and greenery-based wedding florals. The full white design looks absolutely stunning paired with the block navy of her outfit and is a truly stunning addition.

It’s also a lovely way to make your Mum feel further involved in the celebrations, particularly if you’re giving your father a boutonniere.

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